domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Storm Blue Eyes

The ocean roars against my grey ship,
And I sail, with eyes full of time,
To the horizon, dark, electrified;

The waves rise like towers,
Shadowing my lonely canvas,
And howl like bulls, crossing the atmosphere.
And break, like cursed Atlanteans,
With the rage of centuries,
Cracking wood, bone and spirit.

I fall into the abyss of gloom and I see my mast,
Broken, adrift.
The waters flood my lungs and I close my eyes,
or perhaps they see but the darkness most absolute?

And amongst the savage whirlwinds there is a calm,
And there arises your blonde hair, your perfect skin,
And you take my hand and sing to me with your voice foreign.
Where do you come from, my undine,
Impassive to these turbulent waters?

You throw me to the skies, above the waves,
And suspended among the huddled clouds,
You show me the beauty of this ocean,
Broad, profound,
Like your storm blue eyes.

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